I Wish I Never Met You!

How many times have we thought this to ourselves after meeting someone that we felt ruined our lives? Honestly, I think this to myself at least once a day. 🙂 Denise Wheatley tells her tale of misfortune with guys, a story most women can identify with as a “single lady.”Maybe we haven’t all experienced the same situations, but I think we can agree to disagree that we have placed ourselves in some situations and relationships we knew were over before they even began.

Setting: All over the place!


  • Preston the Project Mishap
  • Ernest the Undercover Sugarbooty
  • Marvin the Married Man-Boy
  • Forrest the Foul FiancĂ©
  • Willy the Weed Smoker
  • Bubba the Bogus Ass Baller
  • Horace the Human Ape
  • Cecil the Circus Midget
  • Doug the Heinous Dragon
  • Dennis the Dumb Ass Divorce
  • Leroy the LoserAss Liar
  • Igor the Ignoramus
  • Warren the So-Called Wonder

Conflict in the book:

Lack of patience, lack of self esteem, lack of morals, lack of self-respect


I Wish I Never Met You is a book of short stories told from the view of a lady who is desperately trying to find a man. A “desperate to find a man” heroine tries her luck with different men, not only different men, but different kinds of men. She meets liars, cheaters, losers, ugly, fat, etc. but since she’s so down on her luck, she will try anything. The title and synopsis of the book seems to reel you in a lot faster than the actual stories.


This book doesn’t offer a name for the main character/narrator. In fact, I don’t remember ever reading the name or seeing it mentioned at all. I think the tactic of using a nameless woman was used to make the presentation more generalized to all single ladies.

The narrator used (in my opinion) extensive amount of unnecessary slang, ebonics, and profanity thus making this book a slow and hard read. I wasn’t impressed when “cracking the book open,” and as I turned the pages, it became harder for me to “stick it out.”

From the titles of sections (named after each man she attempted to date), you can determine the disaster the story would entail. Each experience for the narrator got worse and worse as the book went along. She became more and more unhappy in her choices of men. However, she still attempted to see the best in each man.

I think this book magnified the flaws of the men and hid the flaws of the narrator/main character. Very seldom did she speak on the issues she had. Every relationship she spoke of in the book, failed because of the man. I was disappointed in the way this book turned out. It was a misrepresentation of men, women, and a culture.

In short, this isn’t a book I would recommend to be read. It was a “good” book but not exactly one that was a page turner. After putting the book down, it was a struggle for me to pick it back up. I’ll rate it a 4/10 (2 out of 5 stars).  This book is currently rated 3.24 on Goodreads.com.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.com.

Book trailer is available on youtube.


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