Family First: But First, Who’s Your Family?

Things that make you go hmmm!

Van22moore's Blog

It’s become apparent to me that people are confused on who their family is. Lately I hear statements like, “My wife needs to understand, that’s my brother, family first, so of course I’m on his side.” Or “Thats my cousin, I’m not letting my husband come between blood.” The worst example was on an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, when Lil Scrappy sided with his mother in an argument between her, and his fiancé. What people need to understand is that family is who lives in your house, the children you raise, and who you lay with when the lights go out, because those are the people you face everyday, and make everyday decisions with that affect your life as a whole.

For whatever reason men are prone to take their mother’s word over everything. My theory is that it’s the lack of partnerships in the home. Too…

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