Marry Me

I love this post! This perfectly sums up the thoughts of most women I know and if not, it perfectly sums up the thoughts of me!

Van22moore's Blog

Marry Me because I am Me

Because you Love seeing my face

Because you Love hearing my voice

Because you Love my scent

Because you Love kissing me

Because you Love the feel of my skin against yours

Don’t marry Me because it’ll make you a “good man”

Be a good man so that I’ll marry you

Don’t Marry Me because I’ve been a good girl and I “deserve it”

I am Queen Mother… it’s a matter of whether or not you deserve Me

Remember, Queen Mother has the ability to stop your existence before you know you exist

So Marry Me because you’re a King

Because you know Kings belong with Queens

Because you Love my Strengths

Because you Love my Intelligence

Because you Love my Humor

Because you Love my Ambition

Because you Love my Agility

The days are long gone when I needed you to Marry Me

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