Smile… It’s Never That Deep

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Van22moore's Blog

There’s nothing worse than an angry Black woman. Y’know, the ones that are mad for no reason…?
I should file a complaint about this secretary in the doctor’s office. This lady is always mean to me. I have a million reasons why I think other Black women are so angry at me. Yes I take some of it personal, and yes I think it begins with my appearance. I’m pretty, I’m tiny, my head is shaved like a lesbian, and I look like my daughter’s big sister. I am sorry for that, but Miss, if you smile you could be pretty too. I am polite and educated… sorry for that too. Sorry that because I look 21 with half my head shaved you’re expecting some ignorant malarkey to come out of my mouth and you got the complete opposite. But if you read a book or two, you could be…

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