Image result for seasonsDried and brittle, no life left to give, frozen by the frigid coldness weathered by the ice of life. Withered until I succumb to the elements of the storm.

But I spring forward, full of life, blossoming into the beautiful creation I knew I had the potential to become. Flourishing, I propel and launch out into the fullness of my being. Nurtured by the sun, kissed by the wind, and cleansed by the rain. I rise to the occasion.

Full of life and promises, matured and ready to reach maximum fulfillment. I climax. Reaching the highest peak and I soar.

The wind  blows slightly & the sun begins to set. I notice subtle changes in the climate, the pressure of the air becomes slightly negative. My wings get heavy becoming more difficult for me to use. So I glide, allowing the wind to catch me beneath my wings. I find that my wings grow heavy against the wind. My elevation no longer at the greatest height.

I realize that I’m on the way back down. I lose my zeal and luster. Dimmed and dulled by the change in the atmosphere.

The sun dims and the air stifles, the rain begins to chill, the mornings a little more crisp, the nights a little more daunting.

I realize I’ve cycled and all good things must come to an end.

But I fret not, for my love will cycle again.


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