“I Will, I Do, I Did”


“You may now kiss the bride,” Minister McNeill said. Amani and Braxton kissed and the crowd cheered. They were ofridingficially Mr. and Mrs. Higgins. And they lived happily ever after. But not quite.

It was the most beautiful spring day, May 16th to be exact. The sun was bright and hung heavenly in the air illuminating but not extremely and painfully hot. The air was fresh, crisp, and lightly kissed my freshly made up cheeks. The wedding bells were ringing and “love was in the air.”

Today was the day that I, Amani Alana Weathers, was going to change my Facebook relationship status from single to married. Braxton and I had a long lasting love but a short engagement but, I didn’t care. I had been waiting all my life for a man like Braxton and God had finally answered my prayers. I thought. (But oh how I wish now that He didn’t and just let me go on living as a damsel in distress).

Let me start from the beginning so I can catch you up to speed….


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