Let Me Speak My Piece: Closure


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It started out cool, consistent so I was under the impression that things were all good. I worried less. I smiled more, thinking to myself this must be a God opened door. You were everything I ever hoped and prayed for plus more, you possessed power to complete me, not superficially but complete my core. Or so I thought. Seems as if all the false hopes & broken dreams you sold, I bought. This was the moment of truth. I would finally get to see the pudding that hid the proof. You were nothing I could ever imagine & though you stood in front of me, I couldn’t fathom just how amazing you would be. Chocolate skin, so smooth and sweet. I was singing Erykah Badu, you’re the sweetest thing I know or would ever meet . You captured me, made my knees weak & as if that wasn’t enough, you came & swept me off my feet. Chemistry…electrifying between us, we created our own heat. But somehow somewhere, the dreams stopped being sold, the heat grew cold, & the flame grew old until eventually the fire burned out. The feeling of confident I was had in you was traded for doubt & I started to question anything that came out of your mouth. But I still let you hold me & though I know you would cause me pain, I still let you console me. But it was something different about your last embrace. I felt a change in vibe, I searched for answers in your face but you never gave way. I just know that on that day, you hugged me a little tighter, held me a little longer. You let me go & never looked back cuz I guess you felt like I wasn’t even worth that. After you left, I waited for your call & though I knew you wouldn’t, I still sat by my phone hoping. Days turned into nights & there was no trace of you in sight but I still hoped and prayed with all my might that you would say or do something to make this feel right. But I knew you were gone. You knew you were leaving and maybe that’s why on that night, you hugged me so close & held me so tight. Now here I am heartbroken because I can hear from your heart, the words that were left unspoken. So it’s with regret that I inform you that I have to move on, though I know you don’t care & probably wonder what took so long. I knew in my mind that it was over but my heart still held on. I stand here and wait for you but you fade into the distance until I can see that you are long gone.


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