“The Wiz Kid”

Image result for wizard wand


The wand spat out little pieces of fire. We gathered around crouched down to see what was going to happen next. We had never seen a magic wand before except the ones on T.V. But every time the commercial came on, mama turned. The fire stuff was followed by a loud kaboom. We were startled and jumped but giggled and clapped our hands with excitement. Lights and sparklers whizzed and whirled around the room flying past our heads, buzzing like the sound of a worrisome mosquito in the summertime but we didn’t care. You know why? Because just like that, in the blink of an eye a spell had been cast and we were there to see it with our own two eyes. My mother would kill me if she knew I was standing this close to a real life wizard. Mama didn’t believe in magic. She tried to make me doubt that it was real but she couldn’t change my mind. I knew better. Magic is real. It’s always been real to me. I know fake things, like the monsters under the bed, or the wrestling seen on t.v. But magic was different. Magic was real.

I’m only 8 but I’ve spent a lot of my life reading about Harry Potter researching spells and yada yada, learning everything I could about magic. Don’t tell mama I told you but I believe in muggles too and you wanna know what else? I think mama might be one of them.


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