What is FTDB you may ask! Well, FTDB is a bunch of letters meaning Finish the Damn Book. This book is not just a book, it’ a guide, a sit down come to Jesus meeting with pages.

Finish the Damn Book!: An Inspirational Guide to Writing by [McConnell, Martin]

I had the pleasure of meeting Martin McConnell on Instagram & I began following him everywhere: Twitter, Facebook, Writelivefarm.com and he inspired me to join the Writing Challenge on Twitter.  I also had the honor to interview him myself.

So before I get into how great the book his, let me toot his horn because I doubt he will do it. Martin McConnell is really an icon in the writer’s world. He is such an asset to the community, always so full of knowledge, advice, tips, and encouragement.  He has mastered the art of “tipping” us newbies & rookie writers. He’s pretty much my go to guy & I knew second-guess any knowledge he spreads. After you read the book, you will see why I’m going on & on about this legend, McConnell.

I had the privilege of reading Finish the Damn Book and boy let me tell you, I felt like I was sitting next to him & he was giving me a lesson on how to “get it together.”  It was just the pep talk I feel I needed. The tone created in the book is so personable, it’s almost like you know him. The wordage used is colloquial & allows the reader to not only read, but understand exactly what he’s saying. No fancy schmancy words or SAT words. Just straight talk. He gives it to you real & raw. He sheds some light on his most difficult moments in writing & gives you clear advice on how not to end up in his shoes.

The chapter that stuck out to me the most was Chapter Two: Write Something Every Day. This was my favorite chapter for this reason–it stepped all over my toes. I am one that makes multiple excuses about why I am unable to write. “I can’t write in the mornings, I can’t write at night, I can’t because I have to show attention to my son, I eat on my lunch break, etc” This chapter was like a wake up call to pretty up shut up, sit down, write, & FTDB & he tells you exactly how to do it.

Chapter Three: Start Today, Right Now was another vital chapter to my life. I don’t have time right now. Yeah right! Read this book & you will understand just how much time you really have to FTDB.

I wasn’t the best writer and I’m still not, however, I’ve grown & I’ve learned thanks to Marty. This book has added nuggets for me to think on as I find myself becoming discouraged. It keeps me going when I feel like giving up on writing.

I won’t spill all the secrets of the book. I’m not Martin McConnell so taking advice from me is kind of risky but if you don’t listen to anything else I say, listen to this–> ORDER FINISH THE DAMN BOOK & read it! It is life changing & it will be worth the time & money. This guy is incredible. It all makes so much sense to me now.


Check out the audio sample here–Finish the Damn Book



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