“The Pack’s Pact”

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Madeline Turner sat alone at the lunch table. It was the first day of her freshman year and she had just transferred to Lake Longwood Academy after her last little mishap at Cedar Beech Academy. A “mishap” that she dared not speak of but thought about often. She couldn’t help that the little girl died. It wasn’t her fault. In fact, the little girl’s cause of death really wasn’t confirmed.

Madeline looked around her and saw the hustle and bustle of bright blue eyed shapely freshmen girls with long blonde hair that flowed and suddenly grew self-conscious of her dull stringy brunette hair, dead brown eyes, and stick figure. She wasn’t the best looking or the most outgoing girl but she was willing to do anything to befriend the other girls.

Madeline was described by her former teachers as quiet and reserved, a loner. She knew for herself that she was hard to get to know and a private person but also very observant of others and her surroundings. She had to be this way because she was the one on watch when her “friends” at Cedar Beech tortured that poor little girl. She never spoke of the incident to her mother, but her father knew. That’s how she ended up transferring to Lake Longwood. Her father called and pleaded with her mother to let him have custody of Madeline for a few years and reluctantly her mother agreed. This was her father’s effort to make sure Madeline didn’t get caught in the case of the missing girl. Madeline didn’t even know what the girl’s name was, but it didn’t matter anyway because the little girl was dead and long gone. She kicked herself in the butt plenty of times for allowing herself to be persuaded into such a horrible task. She couldn’t believe that she was even involved with such people that would even want to commit such an act. She wasn’t like those monsters. They were heartless, soulless, and emotionless; and although she had always been fascinated by assassins, she wouldn’t have dared executed a murder. But she was present when it happened so I guess that made her guilty by association.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a tall skinny blonde haired blue eyed girl that she had just seen walk by. “Hi!” the skinny girl said so enthusiastically. “Hello!” Madeline replied with her head bowed and too afraid to look up to see the girl. “Wanna sit with us?” the bubbly girl asked Madeline. This question caught Madeline’s attention and she glanced up to see the crazy girl asking her to socialize. “Sure,” Madeline said awkwardly. “This girl has no idea who she’s talking to,” Madeline thought. “I’m probably the most socially uncomfortable person she’s ever met and above all, I absolutely hate “happy people.” It’s nothing to be that happy about all the time,” her thoughts continued and she noticed that her fist was balled up and she began to be filled with unprovoked anger. She was already skeptical of the skinny girl’s motives for asking her to eat with the group of “perfect girls” and this bubbly personality was making her angrier. She was surprised the girl even knew she existed.

“So are you coming?” the skinny blonde asked. “Oh yeah,” Madeline said, getting up to follow the blonde. “My name is Anya, by the way. Anya Blackburn,” she said to Madeline. “Oh ok, nice to meet you Anya. I’m Madeline,” Madeline replied shyly. “Oh cool,” Anya responded. “You can meet the girls,” she continued. They finally stopped at the table that would be their “assigned table” for the rest of the year. The other two girls stopped eating and looked up briefly before they went back to eating without really acknowledging either girl. “Cut it out you guys,” Anya said to them. The two girls huffed and puffed before turning about to Anya and Madeline. “Hi,” they said in unison. “Don’t pay them any mind,” Anya said to Madeline. “It takes them a while to warm up to new people,” she continued. “It’s fine,” Madeline said emotionlessly. She didn’t seem to be bothered by the girls’ lack of manners. “This is Audrey Connor and Brooke Alexander, my best friends,” Anya continued without seeming to realize just how unbothered and uninterested Madeline was in meeting them. “Nice to meet you,” Madeline said expressionless. Brooke and Audrey just stared at her. “You’re strange,” Brooke said with a beaming smile on her face. “Thanks, I guess,” Madeline said kind of blushing. It was almost a compliment when others commented on her strangeness. “Sit down, we don’t bite,” said Anya. “Except Audrey, she is kinda weird like you,” Brooke said giggling. “Shove it,” Audrey said easily offended. “I was just joking Audrey,” Brooke said sensing the animosity. “Whatever,” Audrey shot back. Madeline was really starting to feel uncomfortable sitting with these catty females. But she needed them to execute the plain.


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