Leader of the Pack

As I entered the local library, I paid a visit to the “free book” bin & came across Leader of the Pack by Karen MacInerney (book 3 in the series). I read the synopsis & was immediately drawn in by the storyline. Though fantasy isn’t my normal go-to genre, this book piqued my interest instantly.

Setting: Texas (Austin/Houston)


  • Sophie Garou
  • Luc Garou
  • Bianca (Sophie’s mother)
  • Wolfgang Graf
  • Elena Tenorio
  • Lindsey
  • Heath Thompson
  • Tom Fenris
  • Mark Sydney
  • Boris Krepinsky
  • Charles Grenier
  • Miranda
  • Georges

Conflict/Themes in the book:

• Betrayal

• Forgiveness

• Acceptance

• Loyalty


The story is narrated by Sophie Garou in 1st person. By taking this route, the reader is able to engage in the thoughts, feelings and conversations that Sophie experiences with each character.

Sophie Garou is an immortal half human (derived from her psychic mother) and half werewolf (thanks to her French father Luc Garou). She lives her life as a big time business woman by day who spends majority of her time trying to hide her werewolf side from humans.

She does well keeping her secret hidden from her clients & other humans until her best friend Lindsey accidentally stumbles upon the concealed information. Lindsey becomes intrigued by Sophie’s creature side; so much so that she believes she wants to be a werewolf like Sophie. Lindsey just also happened to not be able to hold the secret & reveals it, but only to help her best friend.

Coincidentally, Lindsey becomes the girlfriend Tom Ferris, of one of the hottest werewolves in Texas. Can she convince Sophie or Tom to finally fulfill her desire to become a part of the pack?

Sophie is dating a smoking hot CEO of a renowned corporation. It’s something about him that she can’t resist. Maybe it’s because he saved her skin when he turned into a magical creature in a time of dire need. Whatever it was, she found him irresistible, even when she didn’t want to. When her father faces a streak of trouble & bad luck, Mark is more than helpful. He even offers assistance that Sophie knows no one else could do. The ultimate decision was hers, but what would she have to give up on exchange for assistance? Would it be worth it?

Luc Garou, Sophie’s estranged French father, just happens to show up at her doorstep twenty eight years later attempting to mend the past. He arrives in time for the Howl (an assembly or conventions of werewolves from wide ranged areas). However, he’s greeted with less than friendly smiles & open arms because of a long lasting grudge. Luc’s intentions to patch things up with Sophie are interrupted when he’s accused & arrested for the murder of his archrival. He’s on trial & is in a compromising position in which he hopes that his estranged daughter will have the heart to forgive him & prove his innocence. Sophie & her friends set out on a mission to prove his innocence. He’s a complete stranger to Sophie, so how does she know if he was really innocent?

Wolfgang, archrival of Luc Garou & alpha of the Houston pack, is more than pleased that Luc is facing a trial & execution. This was everything Wolfgang has been waiting for. Wolfgang and Luc have a rivalry that dated back to many centuries when Wolfgang was defeated & his power overthrown. This seemed to be the moment of truth. Finally, Luc would be getting what he deserved.

Elena, pledged to be joined to Wolfgang & reign as Co-alpha, had her own personal vendetta with Sophie Garou. Threatened by Sophie (aware that Sophie could potentially be the alpha), Elena creates a plan of her own to have Sophie eliminated. The plan isn’t well thought out our executed well enough & backfires at the least opportune time.

Tom, one of the sexiest werewolves, is currently dating Sophie’s human best friend, Lindsey. What Lindsey doesn’t know is that Tom is something like a ladies man. There is a catch though, Tom was in love once but lost his lady love in the worst way. He became promiscuous trying to fill the void. Sure, he’s with Lindsey but he has his eye on someone special; someone he’s wanted for some time. What does he do when his true love is off limits?

Mark Sydney, CEO & hot sexy lover of Sophie, has saved Sophie once before. He was willing to do it again. After all, she was his & she did belong to him. As the relationship heats up, Sophie becomes uncomfortable with the possessiveness of Mark. Mark seduces & lures her in. Mark is full of secrets. He’s a mysterious creature but refuses to reveal himself to Sophie. He knows she’s a werewolf but what was he & why was he hiding it?

Heath, attorney & ex-boyfriend of Sophie, asked for her hand in marriage. Sophie just couldn’t say yes because she hadn’t revealed her secret to Heath. After breaking up, Sophie’s father Luc Garou is in serious trouble for a murder. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Luc needs representation in court, but in order to be represented, Heath has to be let in on the secret. How would he view Sophie if he found out she was a werewolf?

Minor characters Boris, Charles, Heath, Miranda, & Sophie’s mother add depth & structure to the storyline. The minors add fine meticulous details that bring the story together. Each character is vital & essential to the story.

Although, I wished it would have ended differently, overall it was easy to read. The constant surprises & high points in the storyline made me continue turning pages. I fell in love with some characters while I hated the others. Even without reading the other books in the series, I was able to read Leader of the Pack without feeling lost or feeling like I was missing details.

I won’t classify this book as a “must read,” but if you read it, you won’t be disappointed.

I rate Leader of the Pack 4/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Goodreads rates 3.96/5 stars

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2 thoughts on “Leader of the Pack

  1. Jerrell Sessoms says:

    Oh wow. This book sounds very interesting. Was reading this blog on my lunch break and went over time. I’m looking forward to reading this. Great overview!


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