Grammar Police–Common Mistakes

I’m sure that we can all agree that at some point, we have been the grammar police (especially when scrolling down our news feed).

I just thought I would take a few moments to shed some light on the things that I thought was obvious–no sarcasm here 🙂

Words that are commonly confused & drives us all crazy are:


Their– shows possession

Ex: This is their house

They’re– contraction for they are. (If you’re unsure, change your sentence to They are & see if it still makes sense).

Ex: They’re coming with us.

There: shows position or placement (in, at that place) Can be used as a adverb or pronoun that introduces a sentence.

Ex: My keys are over there. (Adverb)

There is still love and hope in the world.


To: expressing motion in a direction, identifies the person or thing.

Ex: I’m walking to the bank.

I’m talking to Beth.

Two: amount, equivalent to one plus one or three minus one.

Ex: Only two of us showed up.

Too: also or excessive

Ex: I wanted to go to the game too.

Ex: There is too much talking today.


Your: shows possession

Ex: That’s your car.

You’re: contraction for you are

Ex: You’re not my friend.


Its: takes the place of a noun, pronoun, belonging to or associated with a thing that was mention before

Ex: The bird built its nest in the tree.

It’s : contraction for is it

Ex: It’s my birthday.


Woman: one female

Ex: I am a woman.

Women: multiple females

Ex: I saw the two women.


Loose: set free, undone, not together, detached, not firmly done

Ex: My son has a loose tooth.

Lose: to misplace, unable to find, be deprived of something

Ex: I’m trying not to lose my car keys.

Ex: The bugs made me lose my appetite.

Other words that are commonly confused (on social media posts) that I have no time to explain because these were things we were taught in grade school:

  • Then/than
  • Or/are
  • Where/were
  • Ask/ax
  • Bare/bear
  • Break/brake
  • Farther/further
  • Breath/breathe
  • Lay/lie
  • Lead/led
  • Who’s/whose
  • Expect/except

How many words have you seen or heard that made you grind your teeth? Comment them below!!

As always, Happy reading & happy writing! 🙂


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