Cover 2 Cover Book Club


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Hello, and thank you for your interest in joining, Cover 2 Cover Book Club. I wanted to initiate a club where avid book readers could come together, read, discuss, and socialize.


  • Members will be contacted via e-mail about book club meetings.
  • Rules will be discussed at every meeting and posted to the online group.
  • Each member should  be prepared to bring at least 3 book suggestions to present to the club.
  • Each member is asked to complete the COVER 2 COVER GETTING TO KNOW YOU form.


Wanna join but can’t be there in person? No problem!  You can join the online group #NbtwentheCovers by clicking the link. By joining, you will be able to participate in our online forums and invite others to join in the conversation. Don’t be shy!! Join online and introduce yourself!



If interested in becoming a member of C2C book club, please add your name and email address to C2CBookClub Roster